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Xuanye Wang

Graduate Student
Boston University
Boston, MASSACHUSETTS Email: xywang


Graphene Spectroscopy

Journal Articles

4.) X. Wang, J. W. Christopher, and A. K. Swan, "2D Raman band splitting in graphene: Charge screening and lifting of the K-point Kohn anomaly," Scientific Reports, Vol. 7, 19 October 2017, pp. 13539

3.) X. Wang, K. Tantiwanichapan, J. W. Christopher, R. Paiella, and A. K. Swan, "Uniaxial Strain Redistribution in Corrugated Graphene: Clamping, Sliding, Friction, and 2D Band Splitting," Nano Letters, Vol. 15, July 2015, pp. 5969-5975

2.) K. Tantiwanichapan, X. Wang, A. K. Swan, and R. Paiella, "Graphene on nanoscale gratings for the generation of terahertz Smith-Purcell radiation," Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 105, No. 24, 15 December 2014, pp. 241102

1.) J. Yang, E. Ziade, C. Maragliano, R. Crowder, X. Wang, M. Stefancich, M. Chiesa, A. K. Swan, and A. J. Schmidt, "Thermal conductance imaging of graphene contacts," Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 116, No. 2, 14 July 2014, pp. 023515

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