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Education programs

Members: M. Selim Ünlü


Alumni: Eric Hyman, Justin C. Pniower


A new combined research-curriculum development (CRCD) program at Boston University titled Photonics Research in Interdisciplinary Education (PRIDE) is described. The PRIDE program is designed to demonstrate vertically integrated curriculum development by incorporating three levels of modules into a wide range of existing courses. Examples of photonics research and knowledge are molded into modules to enrich standard core, specialized elective and design courses of undergraduate and early graduate curricula. An interdisciplinary faculty team has been formed to develop integrative learning experiences focusing on modern research in photonics as an important and interesting problem area. Modules are based on and demonstrated by recent photonics research, including photonic materials and devices, optical data storage, optical communications, displays and photonics systems. Self-contained applications modules integrate engineering concepts in upper division core. Laboratory practicums provide empirical experiences to supplement photonics electives. Finally, open-ended design cases pose capstone photonics design challenges for teams of students. Our modular implementation of photonics into existing courses represents a significant depart ure from standard curricular development. This approach reduces the barriers to entry for cross-disciplinary education, is inherently transportable while maintaining local flexibility of content, and incorporates photonics research into a wide range of different curricular t epics.


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